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The Evil of Parrots- Part Two

This is a yellow tailed black cockatoo. Cute isn’t it? cockatoo

We have several enormous pine trees at the bottom of our garden. They’re at least four storeys high. At the moment they’re covered in immature pine cones which look like this.pine cone

Black cockatoos love pine cones. Unfortunately they don’t always hang onto them very well as they busily tear them to shreds. So every now and then a large, hard object bigger than my fist comes hurtling down from the top of the trees. I’ve started walking about with the compost bin lid held over my head. The compost bin lid is covered in enormous slugs. Needless to say, I’m not amused.

The Evil of Parrots- Part One

king parrot eating apple

This is a king parrot, snapped by me doing one of the things the little bastards love to do best; eating our apples. And they don’t even do it politely. They take a few bites, decide they can’t be bothered any longer, lob the apple onto the ground and move on to the next one. It drives me crazy, so crazy that this year I’ve resorted to this.

netted tree

It’s amazing what you can do with steel rods, electrical conduit, netting and garden ties. I’m not looking forward to getting it off again though.


pregnant turtle-2

Hi. Welcome to my website and thanks for visiting!

I’m new to the whole website construction thing, so I apologise for any weirdness you may encounter browsing around. Please bear with me over the next few months as I add content and sort stuff out. Hope you find something here that interests you.

And here’s a gratuitous radiograph of a pregnant turtle to get you started.


‘Always Greener’ podcast on Starship Sofa

OneSmallStepCoverdraft-196x300[1]I was pretty excited when the people at Starship Sofa contacted me at the beginning of last year and asked if they could use my story ‘Always Greener’ from One Small Step (Fablecroft Publishing) on their show. Then nothing happened for a while and I figured they’d probably changed their minds. Then in November, there it was. Not that I noticed for about a month! You can download it for free from the itunes store too.

I Give in

I said I’d never do it, but here I am, having a big fight with my computer and trying to get this website up and running. Completely ignoring technology for the past ten or so years really hasn’t paid off and now the widgets are getting their revenge. For the record, I hate widgets, and child-themes, and Google Fonts, and plugins. If I have to write any code, someone is going to die