Blue Silence

Blue Silence Cover
Blue Silence Cover

This is my first novel. It was published by Random House Australia in 2002 and, unfortunately, it’s now out of print, though there are still second hand copies floating about and a small stash of new ones still available through Notions Unlimited Bookshop. It won the George Turner Prize and was shortlisted for the Aurealis and Ditmar awards.

Basically it’s the story of what happens when an alien-built spacecraft full of living cargo turns up unannounced in the dock of an Earth-orbit space colony.

If you’d like to read some reviews you can find one here and here.

Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy

4841535[2]This five book series is available from Mirrordanse Books. I co-edited 1015548[1]the first four with Bill Congreve.

Volume One contains Margo Lanagan’s World Fantasy Award winning story, ‘Singing My Sister Down’ (though be warned, the US edition through Prime Books doesn’t contain the story). Volume Two won a Ditmar Award for ‘Best Collected Work’.


If you’d like to buy any or all of them, Notions Unlimited Bookshop can track them down for you.


Short Stories

OneSmallStepCoverdraft-196x300[1]I have a confession to make; I don’t write a lot of short stories. Maybe one every couple of years or so. Having said that, I did write one in 2012, and it was published in ‘One Small Step. An Anthology of Discoveries’ edited by Tehani Wessely (Fablecroft Publishing). It was also podcast on Starship Sofa, which was very exciting. The anthology went on to be joint winner of the 2013 Aurealis Award for best anthology.

You can listen to my story here, or download it for free from the iTunes Store.

Or even better, you can buy the anthology here. You get a great book and the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting a very deserving independent publisher.