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Baby Blue-tongues

baby bluetongues 1I couldn’t resist posting a picture of these little guys, who came into work on friday, umbilical cords still attached. Unfortunately their mum was killed, but they’ve now gone to a WIRES carer and will hopefully go on to live long, happy lives.

Blue tongue lizards are the largest members of the skink family. One of their favourite foods are snails, so they’re generally very welcome in Australian backyards.

The Evil of Parrots- Part One

king parrot eating apple

This is a king parrot, snapped by me doing one of the things the little bastards love to do best; eating our apples. And they don’t even do it politely. They take a few bites, decide they can’t be bothered any longer, lob the apple onto the ground and move on to the next one. It drives me crazy, so crazy that this year I’ve resorted to this.

netted tree

It’s amazing what you can do with steel rods, electrical conduit, netting and garden ties. I’m not looking forward to getting it off again though.

‘Always Greener’ podcast on Starship Sofa

OneSmallStepCoverdraft-196x300[1]I was pretty excited when the people at Starship Sofa contacted me at the beginning of last year and asked if they could use my story ‘Always Greener’ from One Small Step (Fablecroft Publishing) on their show. Then nothing happened for a while and I figured they’d probably changed their minds. Then in November, there it was. Not that I noticed for about a month! You can download it for free from the itunes store too.