The Bad


The Top 10 Non Poisonous Things I Wish Dogs Didn’t Eat (in no particular order)

1) 7 Pairs of Calvin Klein Underwear– and apparently they all came out the other end.

2) Entire Mop Heads– they take forever to come out the other end, if they come out at all.

3) BBQ skewers– they do usually come out, pointy end first, just not by the conventional route.

4) Christmas Tree Ornaments– Mmm, crunchy.

5) String– Actually, this is a really awful one, particularly long pieces.

6) Used Tampons– such a wonderful thing to have vomited back onto the consult room floor

7) A Two Inch Sewing Awn– at least it was easy to spot on an xray, and we could track it right until it came out the other end!

8) Corn Cobs– Not so good at getting all the way through, and quite abrasive!

9) Their Own Pooh– apparently tinned pineapple makes it taste bad, but some dogs are really determined. Bet you’ll never look at tinned pineapple the same way again.

10) Me – those trips to casualty on a saturday night to get antibiotics can get a trifle monotonous.

Please note: All the animals I’ve seen who ate the above objects have survived to do it again at the first opportunity, but some needed surgery. If your animal has eaten something it shouldn’t have, please call your vet!